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Elementary School:      I thought this classroom blog, The Skinny, was a great way just to keep students and parents informed on what is going on in and outside the classroom.  I think Mr. Alvaro has done a great job of using this blog as an all-around class website to introduce himself, document homework/grading expectations, request parent involvement through mystery readers,and for basic schedule and snack information.  A lot of the posts are for students to share what is going on in the classroom or what they may have planned for the next week or even the fun weekend activities we all look forward too.   I thought this post was a fun way for students to share what they enjoyed most  during the school year, and I like how Mr. Alvaro keeps the blog open for summer activities/communication.

 Middle School:     I think this social studies “magazine” was a great tool for the students to voice their thoughts on a wide range of topics.  If you just scroll through their Discussions tab you can see how deep and thought provoking some of the questions and photos are.  Social studies is a great subject to have students practice expressing themselves in various forms:  with words, in pictures, vocally, and numerous new forms that are being created.  I love that they also share how they can interact with today’s world by giving back.  I think this teacher should definitely be commended on his work on this site.  I think it’s visually designed to represent the students as well, and not the teacher; it’s their voice.

 High School:     This blog, The Mac Lab, was nominated/listed twice as one of the Best Class Blogs; the second listing was labeled as Extreme Biology.  I’m not sure extreme is the right word, more like INSANE.  I think this blog shows how complicated a website can really become, and even how much the rules can change including bathroom pass standards….I couldn’t watch the whole thing.  Just look at the links and resources he’s placed on here for the students , its overwhelming!  I know HS has changed since I was there (it wasn’t that long ago), but more schools offer online courses, and I guess the expectations of all students having access to a computer grows with grade level.  This blog is really intimidating for me and I loved all the sciences growing up!


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