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Blog 1:  I was hooked on Bud the Teacher from another classmate that shared his blog.  A lot of his posts deal with reading/writing and how they need to be incorporated in all content areas, after all we need to communicate in all subjects.  But beyond the language arts, Bud makes a lot of great posts that just make you stop and think and could be great conversation starters in PD sessions, or even just the lunch room.  His most recent post is what made me decide to use blog, as rewarding students has always been a popular topic in numerous of my courses.  As I kept reviewing his site, I was hit even harder.  I don’t care if we’re teachers or parents, we need to help our children see “There’s risk in the places worth working for. … you’ve got to fall with a thought for how you’re going to get back up.”

 Blog 2:   This is for all PE folks in this class: Mr. Robbo, The PE Geek.  It appears Jarrod Robinson has been successful with this blog since 2008, finding and trying various ways to incorporate technology into his PE classes.  His experiements must have worked well enough, as he even has a link to buy his book.  He has some great posts talking about the various technologies he has used with his students:  tracking skills needed to play games, including health conditions affected (heart rate, etc.); new devices ) to track and promote physical activity that rewards discount codes for iTunes, Kmart, Officeworks, EB Games, and Body Browser: a new google tool allowing you to navigate through the body (the body always had our full attention in HS, right?!)

 Blog 3:    I found this blog, Finding Ways for All Kids to Flourish, interesting.  The author is currently a 4th grade teacher with a M.A. in Clinical Psychology.  A lot of her posts discuss the atmosphere and oppurtunities we provide for our students.  I liked two of her strategies in her positive climate post , as I don’t think a lot of people think about positivity is these manners, but they are great points for education: “#4. Celebrating mistakes, through modeling and discussion, can go a long way in reducing fear and encouraging students to take risks in learning.” & “#6. Positivity does not mean being happy all of the time. What it means is that by carefully creating an environment that seizes opportunities to promote learning in a fun way, we can then raise the bar and push our students to learn at their highest potential.”


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