M3 Learning Log 3 – Goodreads

July 8, 2011 at 4:05 pm 2 comments

Describe how you will use the bookshelf and other ways you might use GoodReads in the instructional setting.

I made my goodreads shelf to cover the combined genres biographies-autobiographies.  I would use this shelf and also create additional shelves to cover the other genres I would be discussing with my students.  The books would be suggestions for students to read independently and also books we would be discussing as part of the curriculum.  Within our class group, I could see this being a great platform for students to post their thoughts and opinions on the books; this could be done as homework to get starter ideas going that could be expanded upon in the classroom.   I think it could also be interesting for students to reach out beyond out school walls to see what other students their age are reading and share with our class what they find.

For teachers, I could see us sharing fun, relaxing reads to enjoy during the summer months, as well as doing peer reviews and recommendations for PD books.

Last summer I had created a Shelfari account for my Children’s Lit course, and I keep going back and forth to figure out which site I like best; both have pros and cons.  Shelfari is much more visually pleasing.  I also like how its easy to add my own tags and search by tags.  However you can’t create your own shelves beyond the 3 standard (I’ve read, I’m reading, I plan to read).  I like how Goodreads allows you to create different bookshelves, which is what their tags are linked to.  I wish one of the sites had the combination of creating our own shelves with separate tags.  This would be useful for genres…for my biography shelf I could tag by professions, time period, events, historical figures, current figures, male/female, etc.  I think the group feature on Goodreads may also be better for creating various threads to organize discussions, and I like how it shows currently reading/upcoming.

If I had to choose this very moment I would go with Goodreads to start a classroom group.



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  • 1. slm508kaj  |  July 8, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    I’m feeling the GoodReads vs. Shelfari dilemma as well. I don’t want to forgo all of the books I have on my Shelfari, so I’ve decided to keep it for my personal/ pleasure reading, but I think Goodreads is better suited for Booklists in an educational environment because it is customizable.

  • 2. slm508mewl  |  July 12, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    I, too, like that Goodreads is customizable. I like the idea of creating different shelves for different classes and skill levels so that all students can see books that they can read.


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