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M3 VoiceThread – Social and Collaborative Media

I created a VoiceThread that covers the following social media tools: Goodreads, Twitter, and Skype.   I explain how these tools are used to increase discussion, which I believe allows students to engage in more critical thinking and develop a better understanding of the various contents discussed.

The tool of VoiceThread itself, promotes and encourages discussion.  The creator is able to take various forms of media, organize in a sequence, and add narration through comments.  This final product can then be shared with others to view and add their own comments using text, audio, and video.

I could see teachers using this tool for homework assignments to have students discuss various topics, or to have students use as a form of project presentation.  Teachers could also create these for unit summaries, which students could then use to review and ask clarify questions prior to assessment.  Voicethreads could also be used for students who are absent for an extended period of time; teachers could take snapshots of various paragraphs, websites, photos, etc. and narrate how it connects to the lessons missed.

VoiceThreads could also be used for Professional Development.  Presenters could create the products taking snapshots of various skills, elements, tools, steps, etc.  that teachers could then comment on with questions on how to use, share experiences, and so on.


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