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M1 Learning Log 4 – You changed my mind.

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I’m kinda diggin’ this blog stuff now.  I definitely signed into this class with the annoyed groan at the thought of having to create and use a blog, “I don’t care about what strangers have to say, and no one cares what I have to say.”  The last part may still be true, but when it comes to hobbies or things I’m interested in learning about….I can see the benefits of blogs.   It’s a whole new world and it will take time really getting use to the format, maybe exploring various blog software for ease of use, etc. but now I’m definitely intrigued to see how I could use them as continue my internships and even more so in my student teaching since I’ll be able to start with them at the beginning of the school year.  No need to over think how copyright and fair use come into play here…my eyes are already buggy and my brain fired.

I’m very interested to see what the remaining modules of this class brings…….and now I know NOT to wait til the last-minute 🙂


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M1 Learning Log 3 – My Goodness Mrs. Cassidy!

I think I’m going through the blogging section a little out of order, but as I’ve been seeing various posts its mainly been teachers or older students.  Then I just clicked on the teacher blog link in our first module and was amazed!   These are first graders with their own blogs, showing their own art work, typing skills, and even videos!  Mrs. Cassidy has her own site, which then lists all her students’ blog links on the side bar.  I interned in kindergarten this past fall and was amased at the growth from September to December, they couldn’t or could barely write when they started…and then as my going away gift I was given a student made book with all their own drawings and writings. I think their blogs are a great way to show their ‘portfolio’ of work  and how they have progressed throughout the year.  

 BUT HOW DOES SHE GET 1ST GRADERS TO DO THIS?  Where is the time and resources coming from?  She even has a separate class website with tons of extra class resources (shelfari, etc.).

I’ve seen a few blogs now that also have the visitors map on the side….Maybe because I’m visual learner, but this just makes me go “Wow, that’s so cool!”  What a crazy idea to think of such a large audience viewing a first grade class’s blog.

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M1 Learning Log 2 – “Googleable”

Up until reading these digital dossier articles, I haven’t seen or heard about being “Googleable” as a good or positive feature.  I’m a little lost on what to think about that.  It’s the fear of something (even if we see it as harmless) being taken in a negative light.  On facebook, I post minimal photos and rarely make any type of status update; I don’t want people knowing when and where I am every second of the day, and I don’t believe it’s necessary for the world to know and relate to my every feeling.  In my past business environment, there was no need for my employer to know about my personal life outside of my job description.  Changing careers to education, we’re continually told to be aware of what we put online, as parents have searched and ended student teacher careers before they even started. 

In the footprint article, the author mentioned how the little girl’s work won’t end up in a trash bin, but what is the difference of her blog no longer having any hits in ten years and simply sitting in wasted cyber space that no one ever sees again? I guess I’m still hesitant on how much to use the internet and the purpose.  I’ve usually had the attitude of not caring what others think, having an opinion doesn’t mean they’re an expert; but when he mentioned the hobbies it made me think about how much my husband enjoys hearing the stories of travelers sailing from the Florida Keys to the Caribbean, and asking for others’ opinions on various boating tips etc, so I guess there is a time, place, and purpose for everything….it’s just learning how and becoming comfortable using it.

I’ve never created a blog, nor have I ever really read or followed any blog so it will be interesting to see how this all goes…

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M1 Learning Log 1 – Time for class

So its almost the end of Module 1 and I’m just getting all of my Discussion threads posted…my motivation for summer classes has taken a while to get into gear.  Seeing the note that responses were suppose to all be posted LAST week has finally got me on the right track.

A little more about me to add to the initial cafe posts….

I grew up in the little big town of Shrewsbury, PA. and I love it there.  I’m a country girl and don’t think I’d survive in a big city.  I’m the youngest of 3, and was a tom-boy growing up tagging along/fighting with my brother, but always trying to be just like my big sister.  I played a variety of sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, a quick trial of track and field, and I was on the crew team my freshman year of College.  I went to Washington College on the eastern shore of MD (Chestertown) and majored in Business becuase I didn’t really know what I wanted to do… I graduated and took a job with Bank of America.  I was miserable. 6 months later I started a new job with a print management company in an administrative role and quickly learned more graphic design software and scripting language to grow into the department lead.  But it never really felt right, so after four years with the support of my family and wonderful husband (4 years this past Memorial Wkend :), I returned to school to pursue a career thats always been in the back of my head, teaching elementary school.  My first class was Children’s Litature last summer, and it was a huge relief (and a lot of work!)  It felt right.  This is where I’m suppose to be and what I’m suppose to do.  I never had this feeling during my undergrad courses.  Needless to say, I’m ready to student teach full time Fall 2012 and get a job!  Fingers crossed right?

I currently live in Hanover, PA with my husband, John, and spoiled rotten kitty, Harley.  We love being outdoors, and I can’t wait to move one day to a single family house with a yard so I can have a big summer garden.  We love the beach and anything water related.  For our honeymoon we charted a sailboat to sail around the Virgin Islands, which sparked us buying our own sailboat to explore the Chesapeake Bay.  It was like having a mini vacation every weekend.  Now we have a small power boat with less maintence that my husband can take out by himself when I’m busy with school work.

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