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M2 Learning Log 4 – Screencast: Shooting Take #32

Holy Moly!  Making a screencast is harder than I thought.  Not in the respect of hit record….hit stop, but WHEN to hit those buttons, where to move my mouse so I don’t see it squiggle all over screen, and how to control my voice.  I kept having to restart my screencast for various mistakes, each time angry that I hadn’t tried hitting pause earlier so I wouldn’t have to start from the very beginning.  I also started without writing down my script, figured I know what I wanted to say and could just wing it.  Not so much.  That only lasted two takes.   And for the mouse, I wanted to keep it over the pause button so I was ready because ALT-P just doesn’t work for my unskilled typing fingers, but then I needed my mouse to click through my various tab examples and show where I was instructing users to go to.  It didn’t take forever to make, but it definitely took a lot longer than I was expecting.


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M2 Learning Log 3 – Flicker Slideshow

I created the set ‘Where in the world is Geometry.”  With the Common Core slowly being released, this could fit into several standards depending on the elementary age level you are working in.  Within the Common Core, you could focus on the Geometry domain from K up to possibly 5th; here a lot of the objectives are to identify and classify using properties/characteristics.   This slideshow could be used to show students how geometry is used and displayed in every day life.  Properties could be discussed and noted into the photos, or students could leave comments about what they see.  Click ‘Show info’ to view sample questions for each photo. Students could also be given the assignment to take some of their own photos to share with the class in their own sets or as a class group, etc.  In grades 3-4, you could also look under the Measurement and Date domain, under the Geometric Measurement standard; here students will have to recognize the geometric properties in order to perform the correct calculations and explain why their answers make sense. Some of these photos could be used in various word problems by simply noting a dimension or angle measurement.  As a teacher I could post these problems, or students could interact by writing their own problems (showing they understand the connection between properties/procedures) for other students to solve; as well as posting their own photos with accompanying problems.

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M2 Learning Log 2 – Flickr Galleries

I created a Flickr Gallery to cover the States of Matter.  Photos show either a solid, liquid, gas, or a combination of the states.  I could see using this gallery in science class to either introduce the science/chemistry unit or more likely to get students thinking about the properties of each state and how to describe them.  Science (experiments) require a lot of observation skills and I found in my internship this past semester that the 3rd graders had a lot of trouble finding adjectives to describe what they were seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing, etc.  (no tasting was allowed for that experiment!)  I think these photos could be a good way to have students think about the words to describe these characteristics.  What words could you use to describe how the slime feels….and ‘slimy’ doesn’t count!

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M2 Learning Log 1 – A vision statement

I just finished watching the youtube video “A Vision of K-12 Students Today.”  There was a quote in the video “If we learn by doing, what am I learning sitting here?”   Shortly afterwards they were all holding up the white boards with “Engage Me!” written on them.  Its scary to think about how many paper copies of worksheets have been passed out to document the students doing something in class……but the quote is true, are they really learning anything?  Most of those worksheets are filler time.  We as teachers need to find new ways to connect and communicate with our students in a language they understand and want to take part in.  Its a huge challenge for teachers with students who do have access to computers at home, and even a larger hurdle for teachers with 1 or more low SES students.  But how do we incorporate technology into the classroom on a daily basis when there are only 2 computers for the entire class??

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