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M3 Learning Log 4 – Exhausted

This module has been a whirl wind of craziness.  We’ve been introduced to so many new tools and programs that my head is spinning.  I see the benefit in a lot of the tools:  Twitter with its quick posts to share PD resources that I’m interested in,  Nings to have a central networking community around my education focus, bookmarking and cataloging to share our interests and resources and have them expanded by others, and the lovely iGoogle to bring it all together in one spot.   But I just feel so rushed, which I know is the time limit, structure, requirements of the class, but I just feel like I’m not getting the opportunity to see the full, realistic potential of these tools.  Which tools really catch the students attention and engage them in the curriculum.  Which tools aren’t worth spending hours on for a 30 minute lesson.  Which tools alleviate or fail my attempt to communicate and collaborate with parents?   I’m very curious to see how they come into play as I continue my coursework to become a teacher, how I implement them when I have my own classroom, and which tools become out dated next week, next month, next year……


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M3 Learning Log 3 – Goodreads

Describe how you will use the bookshelf and other ways you might use GoodReads in the instructional setting.

I made my goodreads shelf to cover the combined genres biographies-autobiographies.  I would use this shelf and also create additional shelves to cover the other genres I would be discussing with my students.  The books would be suggestions for students to read independently and also books we would be discussing as part of the curriculum.  Within our class group, I could see this being a great platform for students to post their thoughts and opinions on the books; this could be done as homework to get starter ideas going that could be expanded upon in the classroom.   I think it could also be interesting for students to reach out beyond out school walls to see what other students their age are reading and share with our class what they find.

For teachers, I could see us sharing fun, relaxing reads to enjoy during the summer months, as well as doing peer reviews and recommendations for PD books.

Last summer I had created a Shelfari account for my Children’s Lit course, and I keep going back and forth to figure out which site I like best; both have pros and cons.  Shelfari is much more visually pleasing.  I also like how its easy to add my own tags and search by tags.  However you can’t create your own shelves beyond the 3 standard (I’ve read, I’m reading, I plan to read).  I like how Goodreads allows you to create different bookshelves, which is what their tags are linked to.  I wish one of the sites had the combination of creating our own shelves with separate tags.  This would be useful for genres…for my biography shelf I could tag by professions, time period, events, historical figures, current figures, male/female, etc.  I think the group feature on Goodreads may also be better for creating various threads to organize discussions, and I like how it shows currently reading/upcoming.

If I had to choose this very moment I would go with Goodreads to start a classroom group.


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M3 Learning Log 2 – Google Doc: Favorite Social Tool

To my surprise, my favorite social networking tool so far is Twitter.  I haven’t made many posts myself, but I’ve really enjoyed searching and seeing what everyone else has to say and share; at least for the means of professional development or education related.  I’ve been so against Twitter since people first started talking about this tweeting tool to share their pointless status updates;  I never gave it a chance to be anything other than digital noise.
I like being able to create various lists to sort the topics I want to follow.  I’m not a news person, I should be, but I can never make myself watch the news or read a newspaper (paper or digital); I’ve always seen it as depressing, negative information.  This goes for following politics as well.  Going into education, I know these are things I should be more informed about, and Twitter helps me follow more education based news and politics, so its a nice platform to slowly get into the habit of following the news and politics.  The 140 character limit makes posts short,sweet, and to the point.  If it intrigues me, I easily click and find out more.
There are so many organizations and teachers that are posting interesting articles, lesson ideas, thought provoking questions/comments, or just fun tid bits to follow.  It makes professional development fun and easy, whether your trying to find information, share your own experiences, or get feedback.

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M3 Learning Log 1 – iGoogle

For my iGoogle page, I kept the Home tab for personal pages and links, and created an Education tab to link my various PD websites and resources.  I have added Twitter, Google Reader & Docs, To Do List, Diigo, my blog, Flickr, and various education news links.  I also made a recipe tab just for fun 🙂

I haven’t used this feature of Google before, and I can see myself really getting use of this.  We’ve been discovering so many new tools in this course, even ones that help us organize (Reader, Diigo) but they are still separate sites that we have to go to to see what is going on.   iGoogle takes all those great sites and rolls them into one.  I can see the most recent Twitter posts and click for more information, while at the same time see if anyone has made a blog post that I want to check out, or a news article that catches my eye.

As a teacher, if my class has a blog and twitter account, this is an easy way to stay updated on what the students are saying without having to go to each page separately; it takes some of the work and time out of it.  With the chat feature it provides another way to communicate with other teachers or students who have questions on homework when they get home.  Being able to share and collaborate through some of the gadgets, could open another window for resources, video sharing, book talks, etc.  I think my favorite part is the simplicity of having everything all in one spot….we should have done this in module 1!

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