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M4 Learning Log 1 – Turn Your Right Brain On

I thought the article “A Whole New School for a Whole New Mind” was very interesting and motivating.  I’m curious to know if any schools have implemented Pink’s themes into building/restructuring school buildings so they can fit into the Conceptual Age.  I loved the story theme, “the ability to put facts in context and deliver them with emotion.”  In the grande scheme of things, that’s life.  We all have a story to tell, and we continue to build our story day by day, chapter by chapter.   And I loved his vision of the classroom “with the student positioned as author, director, and performer and the teacher as the sideline coach who affirms, challenges, provokes, and references the stories of others.”  This goes back to Bloom’s Taxonomy revision; the students are performing their own learning while teachers just guide them and make them stronger, more exciting story tellers.  I also thought he was spot on with Empathy, “When one learns to stand in someone else’s shoes, feel with that person’s heart, and see with that person’s eyes.”  I think too often, we only look out for ourselves and our own success, but as the world becomes flatter with each new technology, we need to be able to work together to make an impact and difference.  Lastly, I couldn’t agree more with the theme of Play, “laughter, fun, and this type of ‘play’ invariably lead to higher levels of production and personal satisfaction.”  If we love and enjoy what we do, then failure has never been an option; we continue to push ourselves, learn, and improve our story everyday.


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M2 Learning Log 2 – Flickr Galleries

I created a Flickr Gallery to cover the States of Matter.  Photos show either a solid, liquid, gas, or a combination of the states.  I could see using this gallery in science class to either introduce the science/chemistry unit or more likely to get students thinking about the properties of each state and how to describe them.  Science (experiments) require a lot of observation skills and I found in my internship this past semester that the 3rd graders had a lot of trouble finding adjectives to describe what they were seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing, etc.  (no tasting was allowed for that experiment!)  I think these photos could be a good way to have students think about the words to describe these characteristics.  What words could you use to describe how the slime feels….and ‘slimy’ doesn’t count!

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